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Polar Bear Cam Highlights!

Churchill's famous polar bear migration has ended for the year, but you can view season highlights from our Polar Bear Cam, a joint effort with the Tundra Buggy Adventure. We wish the bears a good year as they scatter to hunt seals on the ice, breaking their months-long fast.<more...>

Mapping Dens in the ANWR

This summer, PBI funded a mapping project of polar bear maternity dens in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)--an important first step in protecting the sensitive areas where polar bears may den. National Geographic photographer Daniel J. Cox took part in the effort and submitted this report.  <more...>

Beaufort Sea Census

PBI has assisted in funding a major polar bear population study in the southern Beaufort Sea, a territory that spans Canada and Alaska. Two teams of scientists, one headed by Dr. Steven Amstrup of the U.S. Geological Survey and the other by Dr. Ian Stirling of the Canadian Wildlife Service, are collecting data for the study...<more...>

Polar Bear Science Camp Photos

View photos of the students and instructors who took part in PBI's Polar Bear Science Camp and see some of the experiences that they had such as visiting a polar bear den, watching polar bears on the tundra, and sightseeing in Churchill, Manitoba. <more...>

Learn at Three Days Per Hour!

PBI's recent International Polar Bear Husbandry Conference, co-sponsored by AZA's Bear TAG, was packed with so much useful information that it took 42 speakers three days to deliver it all. The conference proceedings are now available right here, covering everything from the home ranges of wild polar bears to behavioral enrichment ideas for zoos with polar bears.. <more...>

Students Experience Churchill

The students who took part in PBI's Polar Bear Science Camp have completed their adventure in Churchill, an adventure in which they shared impressions with kids around the world by posting daily entries in an online journal. <more...>

Adventure Learning Program

Nine students from four different countries have travelled to Churchill this fall to take part in the pilot phase of PBI's Polar Bear Science Camp, a one-of-a-kind experience that will build on the success of the Adventure Learning Program launched last fall. <more...>

The Polar Bear Encyclopedia

Alaskan polar bear scientist Steven Amstrup takes a comprehensive look at the polar bear, covering everything from distribution to denning and survival. It's a master's course in ursus maritimus. <more...>

Maternity Denning Study

No map presently pinpoints the vital denning areas within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This area holds the largest concentration of polar bear maternity dens on U.S. soil and having such a map is becoming increasingly critical. That's why PBI is committed to funding...<more...>

Churchill Encounter

Polar bear attacks are extremely rare, but do occasionally happen. This fall a polar bear researcher became the second person in 25 years to sustain injuries at Cape Churchill. The scientist encountered the bear as she transferred from a helicopter to a Tundra Buggy, a mode of arrival seldom used at the Cape. Kelsey Eliasson of the Hudson Bay Post provides details at

PBI's Polar Bear Projects

PBI is proud that sales from our online gift shop cover our administrative costs, freeing up donations for our polar bear projects. We fund studies with long-range benefits for polar bear conservation and which add to the world's understanding of these magnificent animals. Your donations are supporting the following:

  • Stress factors in captive polar bears
  • The polar bears of Russia's Wrangel Island, including population, condition and behavior
  • The effects of forest fires on maternity denning sites in Manitoba
  • The nutritional needs of captive polar bear cubs
  • Social behavior in Churchill's polar bears
  • The effects of eco-tourism on polar bears
  • Online polar bear bibliography
  • International Polar Bear Husbandry Conference

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